May 20, 2016

The onset of winter doesn’t put an end to things to do in Forrest and the surrounding wilderness. In fact, the Otway Ranges rainforest can be at its most breathtaking during the cooler months. Picture a crisp morning platypus tour by canoe on Lake Elizabeth, or a lunchtime walk through the dewy forest for a picnic in the sun at Stevensons Falls – it doesn’t get much more pure than that.

Obviously what visitors can and can’t attempt will depend on day-to-day weather conditions, but the nature and adventure-based things to do in Forrest are just as enjoyable in winter as they are in summer – if not more so. Forrest’s hiking trails, walking tracks, mountain bike trails and nature walks can be susceptible to weather damage, however authorities do a fantastic job ensuring tracks and trails are open as often as possible and are safe.

Exploring Forrest in the winter can be a rewarding time without the traditional summer holiday crowds. The wildlife is ever-present and you can take a Forrest photography tour to capture it all. Aside from the idyllic Stevensons Falls and Lake Elizabeth, other popular attractions that turn on their winter charm include the West Barwon Reservoir, Little Aire Falls and Triplet Falls.