October 24, 2020

An initiative of the Forrest Community, the Forrest & District Plan: Towards 2030 is the result of many years of community consultation and articulates the community of Forrest and District’s goals for growth and prosperity over the next ten years to 2030.

The Plan has been written by community representatives for the community and consolidates the collected thoughts across many years of deliberations. The opportunity to produce a comprehensive document (the Plan), was a rare moment to combine all the consultations and reports into one place: a synthesis that expresses key themes, community values, concerns and aspirations.

The document aims to support future planning for the community over the next 10 years (2020-2030), acknowledging key characteristics and driving forces to encourage sustainable development. The Plan will give clarity to government and agencies about the sort of community Forrest and District aspires to be.

The Plan identifies the community’s five key goals. These goals reflect place-based planning and priorities across the themes of nature, community, infrastructure, recreation, challenges and the future that can enhance the delivery of government services, with the focus on the community rather than the individual services. They help determine the community’s aspirations and the issues that need to be addressed.

Forrest & District Plan >> TOWARDS 2030