Wattle & Wire was established in 2012 to supply a range of fencing products to the landscape, garden and environmental engineering fields.

We produce a variety of products using natural bush timbers such as Black Wattle and Ti Tree taking advantage of their natural beauty and durability.

We use small diameter logs, to produce split pale fencing, decorative fence panels and sheep hurdles, gates and Ti Tree Stake Fence.

We also produce Beachmaster® Sand Fence which is an erosion control fence – an indispensable aid in protecting our dune and beach systems from erosion

About Us

After more than thirty years’ experience in the environmental construction and land management fields, Wattle & Wire was established to develop and provide fence products for use in the landscape gardening and environmental engineering fields.

Our core product designs originate from the Chestnut coppice industry in Europe and Britain which is arguably the world’s most sustainable form of forestry from both an environmental and industrial perspective.

After a long process of research in a quest to find Australian tree species which would fit the criteria for split pale, and the design, development and construction of machines and techniques to process the trees into beautiful fences, we turned out our first fences in 2013.

Split Pale Fence was followed by the development of Beachmaster® Sand Fence and Eucifence® which are sawn timber products utilising Australian Eucalypt hardwoods from sustainably managed low altitude mixed species forests. The strength, straight grain and durability of Australian Eucalypt timbers lend themselves perfectly to the production of attractive long lasting garden fences and resilient sand fence, able to withstand coastal and marine conditions.

Through innovation, we have adapted a product from the tradition of the European coppice craft industry to an Australian perspective with timbers that reflect our environment, are durable, beautiful, renewable and sustainable and the response to our products has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and gratifying.

We are constantly learning as we proceed with a view to the future where we hope to grow our business alongside our relationship with our customers and suppliers including the Agroforestry industry with a goal to develop integrated multi-level plantation systems which enable two complimentary tree crops to be grown together at different levels and harvesting rotations.

The development of new processes, machines and skills at the forestry and manufacturing levels continues unabated.