Round 3 and 4 of the Victorian Mountain Bike Championship Series is coming to Forrest!

The Series & How it Works:

There are 8 rounds in this series and your best 5 results will be counted towards your series result.  Meaning if you miss a race or have a mechanical etc you still have a chance.


  • Elite Men & Women
  • Open Men & Women
  • Masters 1/2 Men & Women (30-39
  • Masters 3/4 Men & Women (40-49)
  • Master 5/6 Men & Women (50-59)
  • Masters 7 Men & Women (60+)
  • U19 Men & Women
  • U17 Men & Women
  • U15 Men & Women
  • U13 Men & Women
  • Recreation Class

The current standard XCO format uses a course between 4km and 6km in length. Depending on the category entered there will be a certain number of laps to be completed to create a race time within a given range.

The XCO Race format

XCO or Cross country Olympic Format is one of the most common disciplines of mountain biking. Cross country MTB became an Olympic sport in 1996 and is the only form of mountain biking practiced at the Olympics.The rules for cross country mountain biking for the Olympics are actually pretty simple. The race has a mass start, with all of the riders starting at the same time, and the riders then have to finish a set amount of laps around a course between 4km and 6km in length. The number of laps to be completed is dependant on the category entered.

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