May 4, 2017

So who do you think makes the best soup? Is it your Nana, Mum, Dad, Best Friend, Partner? You?? Get them to enter!!! This Soupfest is going to be even more Souper Douper than EVER!

This year there will be 3 categories for the soup competition.

Pumpkin Soup ($5 entry fee)
Open Soup ($5 entry fee)
Children’s Soup ($2 entry fee)

All entries and fees payable to be received by 11am on the day of competition at the Forrest Public Hall.

Competition is open to Soup enthusiasts. Each entry should be clearly labelled, listing category , name of produce and full list of ingredients. Hygiene is important and must be adhered to at all times. Soup must be stored in a thermos, no more than 500 ml, no less than 250 ml.