October 3, 2018

The Forrest Common Master Plan has now been drafted, and is available for your input.  You don’t have a long time, so be quick and get a copy now from the website, or feel free to pop by the Public Hall or General Store to check it out.

For the full document, see here: www.colacotway.vic.gov.au/…/report-draft-forrest-common-master-plan-2018.pdf

The Key Directions / Recommendations for the Forrest Common are:
 Retain the openness of the existing grassed area and provide interesting zones for display of indigenous peoples artwork and stories. Establish a timeline along a 2.5 metre wide concrete circuit path on the interpretive information of the history of the settlement,  the railways, timber mills, agriculture, bike and walking trails. A bush foods garden will be associated with the time line trail. The circuit trail is to have seating at regular intervals

 Establish a simple grassed mounded amphitheatre with a flat performance space of synthetic grass that can be used for performances, tai chi and other activities

 Improve the existing playspace to cater for a wider range of age groups

 To alleviate storm water surcharge across the reserve from Station Street, the provision of a concrete kerb and channel to the east side of Station Street will enable the reserve to be enjoyed year round

 Replace the existing bollards with a pipe rail and timber post combination fence parallel to Station Street.

 Retain the two existing asphalt tennis courts as a key recreation activity.

 Install a basketball ring / area within the common area. Two locations have been proposed on the Key Directions Plan. The exact location of the new basketball area to be proposed / determined by the community during the public exhibition of the master plan.